Beauty with Brains

FACIEM³ Aesthetics Simulator is powered by the X³ 3D Physics Engine to more accurately simulate the desired post-procedural results of facial aesthetics procedures including lip augmentation and wrinkle smoothing.

BioMedX Group is transforming the way visualization and simulation for medical aesthetics consultation and their pre-procedural planning are done. The FACIEM³ Aesthetics Simulator is the first-of-its-kind simulator to enhance the potential outcomes of the procedures the patient is considering in a real-time.


FACIEM³ delivers highly accurate and intelligent simulations through the X³ 3D Physics Engine driven by patient-specific 3D facial, clinical, and procedural data. The actual data-driven simulations provide patients a clear representation of the post-procedure outcomes to guide them to make better informed decisions and opportunities for clinicians to upsell complementary procedures.


FACIEM³ uses an ultra-high resolution 3D Scanner capturing up to 1 million data points of the face. This ensures every fine and intricate facial detail is captured to personalize the experience and deliver simulations that are unique to each patient.


Unlike other solutions that uses photo-editing tools to create the post-procedure results, FACIEM³ is the only solution today that is a real-time dynamic medical simulations imaging solution that seamlessly integrates physics and computational mathematics to deliver highly accurate simulations. The results are simulations that are based on science and data, and not artistry.


To deliver highly accurate simulation results, BioMedX studied the process and methodologies used by clinicians when injecting fillers into the facial tissues. The procedural data includes the number and location of typical injection sites, and in the future, any special techniques related to delivery.


Unlike other solutions that use regular cameras and photogrammetry methods to generate the appearance of 3D, FACIEM³ utilizes an ultra-high resolution 3D scanner that captures up to 1 million data points with 0.05mm point accuracy that is required for this high-level of 3D simulation.


BioMedX has compiled the clinical data of popular filler agents and neurotoxins. The clinical data includes the structural information regarding the injectables (e.g., molecular weight, viscosity, volume, concentration/units, etc.) and the physiological behavior when it is injected into facial tissues. All of this information is integrated into the proprietary mathematical formulae and algorithms that are then processed by the X³ 3D Physics Engine to produce the simulations.

Transforming the Consultation Experience

The FACIEM³ Aesthetics Simulator delivers several technological innovations to pre-procedural visualization and simulation that transforms the way clinicians and patients experience the consultation process. Clinicians will be able to simulate and demonstrate to the patient results that are highly accurate and identify any potential issues prior to the procedure.

A Valuable Collaboration

FACIEM³ is designed to foster a collaboration experience between the clinician and patient. Clinicians can receive real-time and direct feedback from the patient of the desired procedure results and make the adjustments on the simulation until both parties are satisfied. This mitigates patient dissatisfaction and increases patient confidence to move forward with the desired procedure(s).

In-Clinic or Virtually

FACIEM³ will be available as a web-based software that is device and operating systems agnostic. The FACIEM³ software is accessible through the web browser and clinicians and patients can log on and perform various simulations either in-clinic, or virtually though the clinic!s Telehealth platform.

Upsell Complementary Procedures

FACIEM³ can potentially improve sales by empowering clinicians with the tools to upsell additional procedures. As more procedure applications are added to FACIEM³, i.e., blepharoplasty and or rhinoplasty, clinicians can simulate a combination of various several procedures that are complementary to the patient, thereby providing enhanced revenues to the clinician. encouraging sales.

Future Features

Pre-Surgery Planning & Modeling

FACIEM³ is currently designed for consultation purposes only. In the future, as more invasive procedure applications are added, FACIEM³ will evolved to become a pre-surgery planning and modeling tool. The future enhancements will allow clinicians to rehearse and refine the procedures prior to the actual surgery. This results in better preparation and more precise outcomes and assessment of the risk of follow-on or corrective procedures.

Artificial Intelligence

Future versions of FACIEM³ will include Artificial Intelligence to better improve the simulation results. As more simulations are performed, comparisons will be made between the actual post-procedure results and the simulated results. The comparison data is processed and through machine learning tools, FACIEM³ will improve its algorithms, to deliver even more realistic simulation results. FACIEM³ will also be enhanced with additional AI driven tools and capabilities to provide analysis and make recommendation that are specific to the patient to increase successful outcomes and reduce durations of the procedures and reduce procedural recovery time.

Procedure Applications

FACIEM³ currently provides two popular procedure applications focused on lip augmentation and wrinkle smoothing. More non-invasive procedure applications such as microdermabrasion, microthread lift, Ultherapy, and many more are being planned and will be released in the near future. As FACIEM³ is continually enhanced, future versions will include invasive procedures such as Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, and Rhytidectomy.

Lip Augmentation

The Lip Augmentation application demonstrates the post-procedure simulated results of the procedure. Clinicians can select from the menu the popular brand of dermal fillers and the volume to be injected.

Wrinkle Smoothing

The Wrinkle Smoothing application enables clinicians to simulate the results of wrinkle smoothing procedures using dermal fillers and/or neurotoxins.

Some future applications

  • Micro-Thread Lift

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Ultherapy and Hydrafacials

  • Blepharoplasty

  • Rhytidectomy

  • Rhinoplasty

The Technology

True 3D End-to-End

FACIEM³ uses an ultra-high resolution 3D scanner that captures up to 1 million data points. This ultra-high resolution yields 0.05mm spatial accuracy that provides intricate details of the individual’s facial tissues to be captured which are critical in delivering a highly accurate and realistic simulation. A complete scan of the face can be completed in under two minutes and conducted by a trained technician either in-clinic, at a partner location, or a home visit.

Image Processing Management System

Due to the ultra-high resolution details of the 3D scan, the data is uploaded to BioMedX’s Image Processing Management System (“IPMS”) to be processed and optimized. The IPMS is located on a HIPAA and GDPR compliant Tier 3 data center. The IPMS is integrated into the FACIEM³ software enabling only authorized clinicians the permission to access the 3D facial scans.

FACIEM³ Software

The FACIEM³ Software provides access to 3D facial scans from the IPMS, along with the tools needed to perform the simulations for lip augmentation and wrinkle smoothing. FACIEM³ Software is available initially on the Windows OS, with a fully functional web-based version available in the near future that will be accessible across multiple hardware devices.


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